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Pilates Unlimited
Romana’s Training Centre

Pilates Unlimited is a well-established studio located in Takapuna Beach, North Shore, Auckland. It operates as a training centre directly affiliated with Romana’s Pilates based in the USA. The studio is fully equipped with top-of-the-range equipment from Gratz, imported from New York. This apparatus was designed by Joseph Pilates and used by his protégé Romana Kryzanowska and her teachers for decades. We believe that the work and the equipment go hand in hand. At Pilates Unlimited we offer to help you establish a workout that you will truly enjoy—every individual receives a programme within the authentic system of exercises that is tailored to his or her needs and fitness level.

Gratz Equipment

Five Reformers provide a range of exercises from simple to advanced. We have three Wunda Chairs for a balance and strength challenge, a High Chair which is great for alignment and control and a Baby Chair for posture and upper body strength. Two Cadillacs provide spring resistance to stabilise, articulate and stretch the whole body. There are three types of barrels at the studio – three Ladder Barrels for stretching and developing the powerhouse, and two Spine Correctors and two Small Barrels for opening the spine, shoulders and hips. The Guillotine (the only one in New Zealand) is an impressive piece of apparatus originally designed for home use in the doorways of New York apartments, and offers stretching exercises and gymnastic aerial work. The Pedi-Pole provides resistance for spinal alignment and standing posture. Mat work, which is the foundation of all Pilates exercises, is done on the specially-designed High Mats which incorporate foot straps and bars. Smaller apparatus like Magic Circles, Arm Weights, Weighted Poles, Push-Up Handles, Bean Bag, Toe Stretchers, and the Foot Corrector are all designed to address specific needs for each individual client.

“Gratz is an undeniable part of Pilates history having built Universal Reformers to Joseph Pilates rigorous specifications, but it is even more essential part of this exercise method’s future. No other Pilates apparatus feels as good, lasts as long or preserves the Pilates Method as safely and authentically as Gratz. The difference is clear with the first workout.”– Romana Kryzanowska

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