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Independent Instructor
Training Programme

Our apprenticeship-style training is based entirely upon the original work of Joseph Pilates.

Through observing, practicing, teaching and assisting, teachers-to-be master a deep understanding of the full Classical Pilates repertoire, develop strong teaching skills and learn a large variety of progressions and modifications that prepares them for working with a wide range of client needs.

Graduates complete our program as skilled qualified teachers with a deep knowledge of the work, a strong confidence in their abilities, and most important a strong sense of Spirit.

The Romana’s Pilates team of highly experienced and dedicated instructors will mentor you throughout the program, providing hands-on instruction, regular question-answer sessions, one-on-one meetings and group classes. Under guidance and teaching of our Instructor Trainers we will prepare you for a long and successful career of teaching the method – as it was originally intended by Joseph Pilates.

Practical training

Romana’s Pilates Certification Programme takes the students though all three stages for a minimum of 700 hours practical training, which includes:

  • Actively observing certified teachers and instructors.
  • Assisting the teachers with clients when requested.
  • Practice teaching other apprentices and supervised teaching of student clients.
  • Attending apprentice meetings with discussion, direct feedback, clients case studies and review.
  • Minimum of 15 hours per week at the training centre within the hours of operation.


Testing involves taking a client at each stage through a practical test. Exams are graded using standardised test forms. Written tests are case studies, the students will need to describe a workout for a specific individual, addressing his/her individual limitations and goals. Each test is graded on a Pass/Fail basis.


As part of the training, apprentices are required to complete regular private and/or duet sessions with one of our certified instructors until they have successfully passed their final exams. This allows the student to continue their personal growth as well as expose them to a variety of teachings techniques. Students are expected to get to a very advance level before becoming fully certified. You can’t teach an exercise you can’t do.

Before considering a career as an instructor you must be at an Intermediate Level in the Pilates Method and have a good understanding of the Pilates principles. This is an intense course physically and mentally, so it is important that each applicant is properly prepared.

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